Sunday, 10 October 2010

a week back in the homelands

the past ten days have been exhausting and completely mad but also a lot of fun. last weekend we went out on a night-time cruise of the alster lake, which i think is my favourite thing i've done here so far. i didn't understand a word of what the guide was saying, but the views were absolutely spectacular. definitely got our money's worth. it was then that i realised i was actually gonna miss hamburg and all my lovely assistants on my breif trip back home. i'm officially becoming a hamburger!

monday morning brought with it an early coach trip to luebeck to fly back to england to visit various peoples and places. to say i was looking forward to this would be an understatement. as i've said many times before, although i'm enjoying my time on hamburg, it doesn't stop me missing home and uni and friends a ridiculous amount. first stop was reading, greeted at the door by roz with "so you came straight here from germany?". yes, yes i did. we went to revs that night (boooo) and realised that maybe 20 is a bit too old to embrace the fresher lifestyle. ho hum.

next stop was bristol, which i was possibly looking forward to the most. mainly because i knew that all the friends i had made there over the past two years had gone back down and were about to start their final year altogether. it was so, so good to see everyone again. i was endowed with the pleasure of deciding where to go out on the tuesday night (an almost impossible task), so we ended up outside a chip van for a good half an hour by 2am. GOOD times. wednesday was apprentice night, so obviously we stayed in (will had slightly less moral objection to this particular series, but he still didn't feel the need to watch). for thursday night we eventually settled on dojos, after MUCH deliberation. but i think everyone had a good time. jessy was down in bristol as well, allowing me to kill two birds with one stone so to speak. come friday afternoon i really didn't want to leave. i loved spending time with my housemates again and it made me realise just how good friends they are. luckily chris man didn't cry (he probably did when i left..). but the one saving grace of this disappointment was the relief of being spared a proper dissertation this year, which seems to be occupying the minds of every third year student at the moment. i'll just deal with working three days a week thanks.

friday night saw an extremely brief trip home to see the mother and father. had a nice little catch up and pep talk. however a 3am start on saturday to fly back to germany was not at the top of my wish lift and the whole journey was spent pretty much dreading going back. after a couple of days being back here i've realised that it wasn't a fear of being abroad or a even a general desire to not go back; i realised that the security and comfort of being back in the uk with friends and family was too comfortable, too familiar to want to leave again. after a day spent being miserably homesick, i perked up again today, happy to be here and looking forward to another week of german adventures all over the country. but more on that next time.


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