Thursday, 30 September 2010


it seems like the longer i'm here, the less i have to write about. i guess everyday is becoming that bit more normal and with every day i feel more and more like a actually live here. so i'll try and piece together what i can remember from the past few days

school is going very well. despite being thrown in at the deep end and having to do lessons on my own from day one, it's really enjoyable. it's great knowing that you're the expert and you can say anything you want and they'll just take it as read. this week brought with it a new seriesof questions, my favourite of which being "do you sell drugs?"

i've barely been in my flat in the past few days. again it's the wanting to be kept busy that's kept me away from my room. that means more coffees, more lunches, more dinners, more drinks, more films (cinem date #2 was 'dinner for schmucks' dubbed in to german, and once again i understood the majority of what was being said - maybe i'll actually learn some german this year)

today was tajah's birthday so we had a meal out in the sternschanze (in an attempt to find a german restaurant, we all opted for the burger and chips, sehr gut). i came back home to find my first bits of german post waiting for me on the side which was a nice surprise. tomorrow is rent day (finally) so i have to head down to the bank and try and figure out how to actually PAY my rent - every day is a learning curve!

it seems like saturday will be the day for a day trip to bremen to visit the one and only primark. i will probably end up exploring solo that day, on account of my hatred for primark. but it'll be good to head out of the 'burg for the day. and then monday is home time! i'm so ridiculously excited about being at home, being in bristol for freshers to see the people who i miss so very much. i'm enjoying myself here, but nonetheless i can't wait to see everyone again


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