Thursday, 23 September 2010

i'm always tired in germany

despite a good ten hours sleep, i've been in a permanent state of tiredness all day. even though i don't realistically speak that much german in one day, it's still effort to think of a sentence in my head, rearrange and correct it to make it sound sense, and then say it out loud (which overall takes a good 5-10 seconds)

my attack on german bureaucray worked out pretty well. there was a three hour wait at the citizens' centre, so NATRUALLY we went for lunch inbetween, only for the whole experience to end in sitting at a desk with a woman typing stuff on a screen for five minutes and then giving me a bit of paper with a stamp on it. so worth it. tomorrow i tackle the bank - fun times. i could get used to these three day weeks

i actually spoke to some of my flatmates properly today - despite the backing of about six other english native speakers, but at least i'm finally getting used to speaking real german, not fake, laughable denglish with the other assistants. the issue of NO CURTAINS IN MY ROOM came up, which is soon to be sorted by a trip to ikea. thank fuck for that.


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