Sunday, 26 September 2010

one year abroad. no german required.

so it seems the year abroad is actually quite a lot of fun when you don't have to speak any german. you can identify the language assistants in hamburg by the big group of british students moving from cafe to cafe, drinking and eating our way through the city and complaining about having to go into school for a whole two hours the next day. although we'll all probably have to stray away from our little comfort zone at some point this year (just for a little bit), it's nice having the security of a good 20 people all in the same boat as you

my room is FINALLY complete. i actually feel like i live here. thanks to a sweeping visit from the cherrills, i have a new furniture layout and pictures on my walls. it was great to see some familiar faces - mamma cherrill even paid for my dinner. i get looked after so well! there are also soon to be curtains on my windows, after i find out what the german word for drill is and find out where i can borrow one from.

pre-drinking in katy's halls of residence last night lead us to a game of singstar in the bar. oh my god, it is the best game in the world. the choice of songs also lead to some reaffirmations from the group:
"like a virgin (i'm not a virgin), touched for the very first time (it's not the first time)"
i seriously have to invest in one of those for the future.

the working week starts tomorrow. but by wednesday the hard graft will be over and will be followed by (hopefully) a brief trip to berlin to see the germ-span kids and then a nice five days back in britainland to revisit the bristol freshers experience for the third time in a row. ON IT


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