Wednesday, 22 September 2010

oh and cash machines

i haven't yet learned from my mistake of getting €50 from a cash point and then getting an actual €50 note.. which NO-ONE will accept. scheisse

anyway, today was my first lesson with a group of students on my own. boys and girls for 45 minutes each. the girls wanted to know where to go out in london and how old i was (they're all 18 or 19. cheeky) and the boys wanted to know if english girls are easy and if it's easy to buy weed. all in a day

OH. and i now have my own pigeonhole, with 'Herr Bicknell' written on the front. it's epic.

school has decided to give me a four-day weekend every week, HOORAY. all i need to do know is figure what to with myself every thursday to sunday and i'll be fiiiiine

tomorrow is attempt number two at german bureaucracy. apparently i need something called a 'anmeldebestätigung' in order to then get 'freizügigkeitsbescheinigung' to then open a bank account. literally no idea.

life is becoming easier everyday. i'm getting especially good at navigating my local train station which happens to be the central station with about 97493643647893 platforms. i've also finally decided to come home for about a week in the beginning of october. we have two weeks school holiday and although i know i should stay and become more german by the day i actually miss home much more than i thought. roll on bristol freshers!


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